And it’s begun

Have I really just made a blog?

Technology baffles me. It shouldn’t do. I can’t claim to remember the world before radio or television or even wifi. I should be tech savvy. What a disappointment I am to my generation. Anyhow, I’ve leapt the first hurdle and managed to create some form of blog page, in the loosest sense possible.

Maybe once I’ve figured out how to use WordPress I might even be able to get some content out. Or maybe this is it, and FORWARD will be stuck in a strange in-between unfinished realm. Which I won’t allow, due to my borderline obsessive attitude towards finishing a started task.

Just give me a little slack, a little time, and then who knows? Maybe I’ll even write something one day that’ll be of interest to somebody, somewhere.

Tu vas voir

If all you can do is crawl, start crawling

— Rumi

This is the first post on my new blog. I’m just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when I post new updates.

Change: the scariest blessing

As we traverse into Autumn, change seems abundant and inevitable. In all our lives. Still stings like a bitch though…

Change is change. Not always positive, not always negative, it’s a transitional state of newness, of the unknown, of little control over the outcome. Depending on your mindset, it can be extremely daunting and challenging to get along with. A love-hate relationship, it can swing either way. It could emancipate you, enrich you and grown you as a person. It could cause you a period of intense stress and anxiety, where you feel emotional and overwhelmed and powerless.

But the truth is, change is impartial: a necessary passage to progress through life. Unless you plan to stand still your whole life, change in unescapable.

Yet that doesn’t mean experiencing change is easy. I find it hard, extremely hard to cope with. My whole word is being hijacked by change at the moment: friends leaving to university, the pursuit of finding employment again, the house being decorated and in a state of constant destruction. Even returning to England after a long period of Mediterranean sunshine has been having its unwelcome impact on me.

But don’t get me wrong; it’s not that I hate my country. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Whilst abroad, I dreamt of the day I could see my friends, my family, could eat marmite on crumpets again one day. Though strangely, upon my return, I’ve had a hard slap-in-the-face of change, and it would be a lie to say I embraced it.

After years of legally enforced schooling, being used to my friends living in close proximity to me, having regular part time employment, knowing that the following year would be another year of education- something I recognised and understood the importance of, like was easy. Life was predicable.

Its no surprise, really, that after having all those familiarities stripped away from me, there’s a bountiful feeling of displacement in most aspects of my life. I know I need to find a job, keep in contact with friends at university, sort out redecorating the house, deal with unaddressed family strains. I know I need to carry on with my life. It’s just at the moment, life seems so full on unknows. Or, if I’m being rational, life is so full of unexplored opportunities.

Truth is, there’s no way to do life ‘right’. But fuck me, I wish there was. It would be a damn sight easier. The familiar maxim ‘nothing worth having comes easy’ resonates immensely, at this point in my life. Even if there was a ‘right’ way ‘to do life’, it doesn’t guarantee we would find fulfilment or happiness. Life would be comparable to some colony of auto-programmed robots, going through the motions to simply go through the motions. Which would be pointless.

So I guess what I’m getting at is that change is necessary to reach fulfilment. You have to make mistakes, do shitty jobs, fall out with people to make right decisions, find less shitty jobs and discover unknown friendships. Change is the only pathway towards the future.

Standing still is not viable. We have to go through change; carry on moving forward, towards brighter days and brighter opportunities to grow as people, even if the brightness seems a little far away and dim sometimes.

Nothing worth having comes easy

Theodore Roosevelt

A necessary introduction…

So however you’ve found yourself here today, purposefully or (more likely) by accident, here you can find a little more information about myself.

Get to know me- the person behind the page.

As ultimately this is just an outlet, a technological interface where I’m able to elevate my thoughts and ideas, my passions and goals onto the internets’ platform of interconnectivity. This is just a page, but likewise I am a person. So wouldn’t it be cool to get to know the human being behind the content of FORWARD?

Firstly, I think it’s important to address why this blog has come into existence. What’s the point of it? Why would anyone care about it?

And to honestly answer that question, we must look on a more personal scale. Recently, after living as an Au Pair in Corsica for 3 months, I began to write a journal. Nothing fancy, just a simple entry every day with the goal of it functioning as a personal outlet. And simply put, I got addicted.

From discoveries of beautiful unknown places to mouthwatering foods and interesting relationships with people who began as strangers, I haphazardly scrawled it all, desperate to embrace and learn from how I was living. I was intent on documenting as much as I could, knowing in the future I would eventually ‘retrouve’ my dirty, ripped notebook, and could see how I had grown as a person, over the 3 months.

And now I’ve returned to England, I have found myself itching to write. So perhaps creating FORWARD boils down to giving myself an excuse to write. It absorbs me. Brings me peace. Allows me to reflect, rationalise and move on.

Writing is like medicine for me, yet I am aware that I am no ‘great writer’. So for now, I intend to use this space to express myself and connect with like-minded creatives, who appreciate the small beauties of the word, so often overlooked in this chaotic society which favours focusing on negativity.

I therefore pledge that FORWARD will be a blog, cultivated to be brimming with positivity. It’s not going to change the face of the internet as we know it, but maybe it’ll make a dent in the wall of toxicity which clings to the platform of the internet.

With that in mind, if you are interested in creativity, cooking, exploring, personal growth and questioning the world as we know it, stay tuned for more.

A bientôt.

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